Nude patent

Kreide, 40 × 40 cm, 2013

Emma, 30 something, pre school teacher, mother of two children, polite, classic looking and elegant yet young and interesting woman


«These shoes were worn on a modelling shoot when I was 7 months pregnant for ‹Prima Baby Magazine› where the theme was ‹nude›. The photo shoot was on my wedding anniversary. The reason I took these is because they were also the shoes I wore on the night out with my husband where I believe I conceived. I therefore see them as lucky. After the shoot I went straight to a Thai restaurant wearing those shoes and a fitted black slash neck dress. These also have been worn in Turkey as it meant I could get away with taking just one pair of heels to go with everything, in various locations around the UK, Paris when I went to disneyland, benidorm, Portugal and for an interview for a college place to update my pre school teaching qualification. I liked them because they were the perfect fit. They didn't need breaking in and the toe shape was just what I was looking for. Not too pointed, not too round.»