Black platform patent

Kreide, 40 × 40 cm, 2013

Emma, 30 something, pre school teacher, mother of two children, polite, classic looking and elegant yet young and interesting woman


«I LOVE them. They truly are my faithful party shoes. They go with absolutely everything and are sooooooo comfortable. The heel is slim and sexy but without being too slutty. These shoes have seen some amazing places. They have been to Portugal, Blackpool, Bristol, Newcastle, Liverpool, Benidorm in Spain, Essex, Hertfordshire, London, Manchester. I have worn them out for girlie weekends away where they have been covered in alcohol, trodden in various cigarette buts and chewing gum, for work and even for running around when I feel like I need something glamerous to perk me up. Being a mum of 2, I find it is very important never to lose my identity and these shoes are definately ‹Emma› Shoes. They were one of two pairs of heels I found I could wear when I was heavily pregnant, but still feel secure.»