Kreide, 40 × 40 cm, 2013

Linda, 43, dark hair, Teacher from California, USA


«They are actual vintage shoes from the 1950’s. I probably got them from my neighbor’s estate sale down the street. She was quite the diva and had a lot of beautiful shoes and clothes from that era that looked new. I have always loved vintage style because I spent a lot of time with my grandma and her friends who were from that era. One friend of my grandmother in particular was (and still is) the most stylish person I have ever met. She always dressed to the 9’s in 1940’s style clothes and she always smelled like fresh picked violets. I dress in vintage style clothes at least once a week. Yesterday I went to a burlesque show as the iconic 1960’s Barbie with the black fishtail dress, so I would guess that I have worn these shoes a handful of times at the shows in the last few months.»